Saturday, July 11, 2015

Good reviews

The reviews for The Bottom have been heart-warming. I hope readers will like it as much as the reviewers have so far.
I'm off to Morgantown, W.Va., this coming week for the West Virginia Writers' Workshop and look forward to interacting with promising writers working on their craft.
The next Willie Black mystery is written and edited by the lovely Karen. When I get back from West Virginia, I will do the final editing before sending it on to the publisher. This one should come out in 2016.  It is (quelle suprise) easier to write when you don't work an eight-hour day at the newspaper and drive two hours a day.
Among other projects, I have succumbed to the siren call of Took a one-month subscription and find that, when I sit down and start digging, I look up and three hours have gone by. Trying to track down all your ancestors is somewhat impossible, since you have twice as many in each generation. But it's fun. The Owens in my family, mostly farmers in eastern North Carolina, apparently weren't keen on keeping writtten records.
And, it's time to start on the next book. I'm at that point where I'm promoting one book (The Bottom), tweaking the next one and getting started on the one after that.

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  1. Howard,

    Let me introduce myself. I’m a local resident and eBook author. As I read on the CRRL website and in emails to CRRL management, and most recently in FLS newspaper (8/24/2015, section C), you are a local author whose eBooks are among CRRL’s holdings.

    CRRL has holdings of over 114,000 eBooks, and you are one of only two from anything definable as an actual local eBook author. As that status is remarkably unique given the numerous local authors whose works are in electronic media but not offered by CRRL, I have a question.

    How did your eBooks get into CRRL?

    Don Rowe, author under pen name DP Tolan of
    The Tessera Trilogy, Golden Gate and Sooley Base available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble