Sunday, March 18, 2018

Review of Annie's Bones

My latest novel, Annie's Bones, just got a very good review from PW. Willie Black has only a cameo in this one. Willie will be back in Scuffletown, which is set to come out in January of 2019.
Here's the review:

Publishers Weekly March 16, 2018
Annie’s Bones by Howard Owen. Permanent, $29.95 (264p) ISBN 978-1- 57962-522- 1

In 1968, Grayson Melvin, the protagonist of this moving, well-crafted standalone from Owen
(The Reckoning), meets the love of his life, Annie Lineberger, when they’re both college
students in North Carolina. When Annie breaks up with him, he tells her to get out of his car. She
scrambles out and is never seen again. Grayson is the primary suspect in her disappearance, but
without any evidence he moves on—always followed by a cloud. In 2016, Annie’s bones are
found in Portman, Va., and Grayson’s nightmare begins again. He gets support from only a few
people, including Richmond, Va., reporter Willie Black (the lead of Owen’s The Devil’s
Triangle and five other mysteries). Arrayed against him are public opinion, seemingly every
lawman in the area, and Annie’s unforgiving brother, Hayden. The discovery of Grayson’s high
school senior class ring, which he last saw when he refused to take it back from Annie at the time
she left him, puts Grayson on a tortuous path that eventually leads to answers that may or may
not explain what happened. This tale of loss and redemption will resonate with many readers.